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Main Products

1. AVICO PP spunbonded non-woven fabrics are produced on a high tech and completely automatic production line ( German Type). With the closed- technological process for fibers that to form product with durability, good elastic force

2. AVICO 100% Polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabric are met EU and USA standards and certified by TUV Reinland Company ( Germany) and SGS Company ( Hong Kong) about safety for healthy of users. With the characteristics, such as static .

Product's Application

Our PP Spun-bonded non-woven fabric, manufactured from thermoplastic raw material (Polypropylene) into a web composed of continuous filaments, is made by a high-tech and completely automatic production line (German Type). These non-woven products are met EU and USA standards and certified by TUV Reinland Company- Germany and SGS Company - Hong Kong for product safety compliance. The Non-woven with bright colors- white, light blue and pink suits medical and hygiene’s applications such as sterile wraps, surgical caps,

The Non-woven fabric’s properties including resilience, stretch, softness, strength, flame retardant, anti-static and liquid repellency that can be used in carpeting, upholstery fabrics, car seat cushions, furniture padding and backing. In addition, non-woven fabric can being inked in both sides, washable, and re-useable is used to make bagging such as shopping bags in super markets, gift bags for advertise purpose, vacuum cleaner bags, and shoes bags. It is also applied in covering products as in CD sleeves, all weather car covers, filtering in washer machines…

Non-woven is anti ultraviolet and is applied in diverse range of agriculture such as fruit harvesting bags, picking bags, insect screens, soil stabilizers, roadway underlayment, agriculture mulch, agricultural coverings and seed strips, pond and canal water barriers, and sand infiltration barrier for drainage tile.

Textile dyeing process involves a lot of stages of production, textile dyeing processes typically go through three basic stages are: spinning; Textile fabrics - Chemical Handling (Cook, bleach); Dye - Complete fabric.

1. Spinning: During the cotton harvest, we are closed as raw cotton bales of cotton fibers contain different sizes with natural impurities such as grain, dust, soil raw cotton materials .... will be hitting up, ....